Want an eye-catching, atmospheric painting on your ceiling? Art that will keep lying eyes open that would otherwise be automatically closed? Visual art that relaxes and soothes? At first, this may sound unreal and yet….
On second thought, it might be a welcome distraction for the horizontal viewer.
But who would watch art lying down?
The answer is simple! Think about the numerous clients that find themselves lying in a chair at the dentist’s, the chiropractor’s or the beautician’s. Eyes fixed on an unoriginal, often ugly, white hanging ceiling.

These are special reproductions of my creative and challenging artworks in which eyes, noses and mouths will be cheerfully, colourfully, and particularly horizontally destined for the eyes and the imagination of that one patient in the chair. Not paintings of cloudy skies, not a Sistine Chapel replica or some unoriginal view of the Mediterranean, but paintings that actually look back at you.
Of course, this form of art is suitable for any room with a hanging ceiling.


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